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Are you insatiably curious? Do you love solving seemingly intractable problems? Are you excited about the potential for machine learning and artificial intelligence to rewrite the rules of business?

We’re on a mission to bring data science to the masses by building industry-specific applications for growing companies. This means we engage our clients as consultants and application builders, so we have need for a wide range of talent.

We are currently hiring senior and junior roles in Washington, DC and Manchester, UK. For qualified applicants, we’re very flexible about location and hours, so we invite 100% remote workers to apply for any role. 


Open Positions



At Deducive, our Consultants are communicators, critical thinkers, and practitioners grounded in practical problem solving. They understand the value of data implicitly and know how to deliver breakthrough solutions.


  • 5-15 years experience in data science, analytics, or strategy consulting
  • Keen understanding of business strategy and the role of data in driving decisions
  • Conceptual knowledge of predictive modeling and machine learning
  • Ridiculously good writing and presentation skills
  • Extensive background in project process and budgeting
  • Understanding of mainstream statistical theories and methods
  • Knowledge of design thinking philosophy and practice
  • Top tier undergraduate university degree

Data Engineer/Hacker

At Deducive, we believe successful Data Engineers should be expert at manipulating data with advanced statistical techniques, but also motivated by beautiful visualizations and big-picture strategic thinking.


  • 2-10 years of experience in data science
  • Extensive background and keen understanding of data transformation, data mining, and business intelligence
  • Mastery of R and/or Python
  • SQL fluency
  • JSON and API integration fluency
  • Good working knowledge of cloud and scaling technologies including AWS, Azure and Hadoop
  • Advanced knowledge of predictive modeling and machine learning
  • Top tier university degree in computer science or engineering


Front End Developer/Designer

No amount of data or insight will make a difference in the world if our clients can’t see it and use it. Our Developers have both the technical skill and design mindset to create web-based apps that deliver ground-breaking insight with amazing ease of use. 


  • 2-5 years experience in front end  web development and/or application development
  • Solid understanding of HTML5, CSS2.1, CSS3, and Javascript
  • Preferred: Advanced knowledge of Shiny for R and a data visualisation framework such as D3.js
  • Extensive background in UI/UX best practices
  • Top-notch portfolio including data visualization
  • Top tier undergraduate university degree


Life is a journey, not a destination.

We believe work should be the same.