The best advertising in the world is wasted
if customers can’t find your product.

We've found a better way.


We call it Serendipity.



How Serendipity Works

Serendipity uses smart targeting to promote specific products in stores that are close by.


Data Assembly

We combine your inventory records with proprietary market data to build a complete picture of trends and opportunities.


Predictive Targeting

Working from the assembled data, we build a predictive model targeting who is most likely to buy — and where they are.


Localized Promotion

Using purpose-built creative and reliable media channels, we promote specific products at specific locations.


Provable Results

We track results by neighborhood and account to see where advertising is working — and where it isn't.



Why work with us?

A sniper rifle for the beverage industry.
— Chris Spear, TradePulse

A Different Kind of Programmatic

Programmatic advertising is sold on the basis of customization: reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. But programmatic platforms perform differently in reality. They deliver on the promise of mass customization, but offer unaccountable results and can put brands in danger with inappropriate placements. That’s why we only recommend strategies that are transparent, accountable, and effective.


Hyper-local targeting offers a unique advantage over other forms of advertising: you can see the results as soon as you see the sales.

Transparency, Trust & Brand Safety 

We only use media channels where we have full control over the audience and placement. This is the only way to guarantee that your brand is always presented in the best light — and that you’re not wasting money.


We make brand safety and media quality correlate by removing low quality networks and focusing investment upon peaks of relevance for your target audience.


We love the creative process, but we’re all about results. That’s why we’ve put a team of world-class creatives together with experienced data scientists.