Data Science Meets Design Thinking


Data has overtaken analysis


There’s never been more demand for data-driven decision making. But data is being generated at a faster rate than it can be analyzed.

This is a problem both for companies that have invested in expensive infrastructure and those that haven’t.


Real innovation takes more than data and tools. Breakthroughs require creativity to solve problems and vision to implement long term solutions.  


Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.




Deducive was built on the belief that companies of all sizes can benefit from advancements in big data and artificial intelligence.

Rather than try to solve problems with one-size-fits-all analytics products, we employ a deductive methodology inspired by Design Thinking: definition, research, hypothesis, experiment, implement, and continuously improve.

This approach gives our clients the benefit of creative problem solving in well-defined engagements that align with their strategic objectives.

The most successful firms will push beyond the limits of big data by aligning business and technology leaders toward a unified goal. They will connect data, insight, and action and continuously learn what works — and what doesn’t.
— Forrester Research, The Path from Data to Action for Marketing




We apply the latest advancements in analytics and artificial intelligence in highly-focused strategic consulting engagements. We choose tools and methodology to match each opportunity for maximum efficiency and value.


customer experience

Create breakthrough user experiences by better understanding what drives customer behavior, online and offline.

attribution and media mix Modeling

Uncover what works – and what doesn't – to make informed decisions on where you invest your budget.

Message optimization

Optimize the limited time you have in front of your audience by delivering a message that will resonate – and fits into your brand narrative.


Build a deeper understanding of your customer base to identify where there's room for expansion – and the greatest threats from competition.

lifecycle Strategy

Analyze all the factors that contribute to long term brand relationships – and drive behavior with predictive modeling.

process Transformation

Make success repeatable with streamlined data infrastructure and processes that align with long term goals.



How we do it


We've learned from experience that a creative, human-centered approach to problem solving yields the kind of breakthroughs our clients need. So we've borrowed from an established problem solving methodology – Design Thinking – and applied our own, Deducive spin to it:

  1. Define the strategic goal and evaluate the data environment.
  2. Build deep understanding with research and discovery.
  3. Finalize hypotheses in a collaborative ideation workshop.
  4. Test theories with data analysis, machine learning, and experimentation.
  5. Present findings and recommend implementation.
  6. Scale for repetition and continuous improvement.


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