At Deducive, we believe data can make us more human.

We're applying traditional analytics and new machine learning techniques to help growing brands have more meaningful, honest conversations — and make better decisions with their money.

We’re turning the traditional advertising model upside down. Rather than use data just to track results of creative, we start with analytics to drive the creative. 

Machine learning makes it possible to measure, plan, and predict on a scale and specificity never before possible. By combining creativity and data science in one process, we lower risks to action and encourage new creative directions that challenge the status quo.


Deducive was founded by veteran creatives and data mavens. We came together because we saw too much money wasted in the name of brand building and too little understanding of what machine learning can do.

Our team of consultants, creative strategists, and data scientists are based in Washington, DC and Manchester, UK.




Jason Kowal, CEO

Analytics guru. Expert in growth strategy, digital advertising, and market research. Built first ecommerce site in 1996. Sold first company at 28.

Throughout his 25 year career, Jason has applied his marketing expertise to advise hundreds of clients, including startup brands and blue chips like AT&T, Google, New Balance, T Rowe Price, and Volkswagen.

Prior to founding Deducive, Jason started data-centric creative agency Global Thinking, where he helped his clients build better brand experiences with predictive analytics. 

Earlier in his career, Jason spent a decade building research firm TeleGeography, the first company to systematically track the growth of the internet, from startup to global brand with clients in 100 countries.

Jason’s writing, interviews, and infographics have appeared in hundreds of publications, including The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and The Economist. He has given presentations (and told bad jokes) at conferences in the US, Europe, and Asia. Before all this started, he earned an honors B.A. degree in Political Science from Tufts University.



Digital wizard. Agency founder and recovering New Yorker. EXPERT IN Transformation strategy and data science.

Paul has spent the last 20 years of his career in a startup or leading a business through times of revolutionary technological change. Paul's skill set centers on marketing technology and data science.

Paul started out in sales and marketing within the then-recently deregulated telecommunications sector in the UK. His success in telecom led to a key role in the founding of the world’s first bandwidth exchange, Band-X.

Subsequently Paul turned his focus to founding digital agency Brick+Bond (now Draw Group) in New York City. During his 12 years building the business, he orchestrated digital campaigns for major brands including AP, Chegg, Estée Lauder, and Möet Hennessy. 

Paul holds a masters degree in Innovation & Change Management from York Business School, an undergraduate degree in Biology from Manchester University and a number of professional certifications in Statistics and Data Analytics. He is within the top 10% of Stack Overflow contributors for the R programming language.



Nuri Djavit

Creative mastermind. Veteran adman, brand builder, and product developer. Trained in industrial design. Lover of motorcycles. UK native, now weaving through Los Angeles traffic.





Cunning strategist. Business leader at health services giant Magellan. Georgetown MBA. Top Gun instructor and Naval Academy grad. Still feels the need for speed.



Adam Kowal

Master ScrumMaster. Expert in software product management and telling the truth. Built SaaS before it was called SaaS. Intuit veteran shifted to infosec and now biotech. 



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