Advertising Analytics


There’s more to analysis than measurement. Too often, data is kept in silos linked to narrow goals and disconnected from a unified business strategy. Problems are compounded by “Mazlow’s Hammer.” Preference is given to pre-existing tools, or whatever is the nearest (free) tool available.

We make sure you have the right diagnostic tools, the right data, and the right questions for the analyses required — all within a sensible budget. 


  • Media strategy/auditing: Where should we spending? Where are we spending too much? How to do we optimize cost per acquisition and return on ad spend?

  • User experience: What are the properties of my visitor segments across all attributes and what factors are most important in customer experience?

  • Geospatial analysis: Where do my customers want to do business?

  • Text analytics: Which messages are resonating?


Predictive MODELING

PredicT + LEARN

This is the heart of what we do.

We simulate the dynamics of an aspect of your business through a model that we can use to predict results for given scenarios.

We “teach” customized versions of machine learning algorithms using a portion of your data and test against the remaining portion. When accuracy of prediction is suitably high, we are ready to simulate and predict the outcomes.


  • Media mix modeling: Where should I spend my next marketing dollar?

  • Attribution modeling: Which advertising channels will be most effective?

  • Audience modeling: Who should we be talking to and how?

  • Market forecasting: Where are we most likely to succeed?



STUDY + PrescriBE

Breakthroughs rarely come from singular moments of inspiration. Rather, they come from deliberately stepping back and asking big questions that challenge the status quo — then diving back into the details with a new analytical approach.

That’s how we match our work in analytics and modeling to business objectives.


  • Customer strategy: Lifecycle planning

  • Brand strategy: Message optimization

  • CRM strategy: Process automation and system integration