Data science meets design thinking


Data analysis as a tool for business has for too long been the realm of strange sounding software and near mystical expertise. Overused terms like big data and artificial intelligence do nothing to remove obscurity nor confusion. But they do raise the price.

We think there’s a better way.

We build industry-specific applications that give businesses what they need to make ground-breaking decisions for marketing investments, customer engagement, and pricing.

We do this using the latest software and techniques in artificial intelligence like machine learning.  There’s no magic, just technical excellence combined with decades of business experience across many industries and markets.

We expect no prior knowledge of data analysis from our clients, only to share our excitement in using new insights to gain competitive advantage.


ADVANCED Analytics


There’s more to analysis than measurement. Too often, data is kept in silos linked to narrow goals and disconnected from a unified business strategy. Problems are compounded by “Mazlow’s Hammer.” Preference is given to pre-existing tools, or whatever is the nearest (free) tool available.

We make sure you have the right diagnostic tools, the right data, and the right questions for the analyses required — all within a sensible budget. 


  • User experience: What are the properties of my visitor segments across all attributes and what factors are most important in customer experience?
  • Geospatial analysis: Where do my customers want to do business?
  • Text analytics: Which messages are resonating?

Predictive MODELING

PredicT + LEARN

This is the heart of what we do.

We simulate the dynamics of an aspect of your business through a model that we can use to predict results for given scenarios.

We “teach” customized versions of machine learning algorithms using a portion of your data and test against the remaining portion. When accuracy of prediction is suitably high, we are ready to simulate and predict the outcomes.


  • Media mix modeling: Where should I spend my next marketing dollar?
  • Attribution modeling: Which advertising channels will be most effective?
  • Audience modeling: Who should we be talking to and how?
  • Market forecasting: Where are we most likely to succeed?


STUDY + PrescriBE

Breakthroughs rarely come from singular moments of inspiration. Rather, they come from deliberately stepping back and asking big questions that challenge the status quo — then diving back into the details with a new analytical approach.

That’s how we match our work in analytics and modeling to business objectives.


  • Customer strategy: Lifecycle planning
  • Brand strategy: Message optimization
  • CRM strategy: Process automation and system integration