How to AI-Wash Your Company in 3 Easy Steps

Source: GLG

Source: GLG

The wait is over, Artificial Intelligence is here. If your company isn’t doing it, start looking for a new job. Obsolescence, decline, and/or bankruptcy are around the corner.

The evidence is everywhere. Take for example drinks giant Coca-Cola, which used the mighty power of Artificial Intelligence to come up with a new flavor, Cherry Sprite, based on the mixes we puny humans selected from their make-your-own “Freestyle” machines. Greg Chambers, Coca-Cola’s head of digital innovation summed up their AI-powered strategy at a conference recently:

“AI is the foundation for everything we do. We create intelligent experiences. AI is the kernel that powers that experience.”

It's hard to argue with that. Everyone knows that AI is what makes soda taste good. Just like everyone knows that naming your AI after a Sherlock Holmes character makes you an AI company.

But 130-year-old corporate behemoths aren’t the only ones pivoting to the AI future. Remember all those “cloud” startups that were popping up everywhere 5 years ago? Or the “green” companies from 10 years ago? Well, most of them are still around, and now they too are using AI!

According to Gartner analyst Jim Hare: “Nearly every technology provider is now claiming to be an AI company,” He even counted more than 1,000 vendors who sell AI or bake it into their products. Gartner predicts that by 2020, AI will be pervasive in every software product pitch.

And a recent study published in the MIT Sloan Management Review found that of 3,000 executives surveyed, 85% believed that AI would be transformative in their companies. Nevermind that only 20% actually incorporate AI into any of their offerings — AI is the future!

The good news is you don’t need to possess a deeply intimate understanding of Artificial Intelligence to start bathing in its glory. Just follow these three easy steps, and your company is bound for success:

  1. Replace “Automation” with “Artificial Intelligence” in Your Marketing

  2. Replace “Analytics” with “Artificial Intelligence” in Your Marketing

  3. Replace “Application” with “Artificial Intelligence” in Your Marketing


More good news: you can even use AI to AI-wash your company’s marketing materials. Using your personal AI machine, follow the steps above, but begin by typing in “Control-F”...


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Did you know artificial intelligence used to be even MORE popular?  Here’s a requisite chart from everyone’s favorite not-evil AI company, Google: