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The Nirvana Fallacy and Why Probability Beats Certainty

The principle of the Nirvana Fallacy holds that if perfection can’t be attained, why bother trying?

It’s easy to associate this with business cultures that are intolerant of failure or averse to new ideas. But certainty is also demanded from more forgiving organizational cultures. On the face of it, this expectation of certainty seems reasonable. If you are to invest a great deal of time and effort into a particular venture, shouldn’t you be very certain, or at least very close to it?


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Why Health Care Organizations Should Care More About Web Analytics

Health care organizations – hospitals, physician practices, and specialist clinics – are primarily concerned with keeping their patients healthy and happy. But they’re businesses too, and they operate in a highly competitive environment. To succeed at both, health care organizations should do everything they can with data and analytics to understand their patients and optimize the patient experience.

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