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Small Business, Big Data, and the Myth of Self-Service Analytics

Successful SME marketers thoroughly understand what it takes to compete: a strong website, content strategy, CRM, and multichannel engagement plan. But as all the tactics stack up, so does the data. It’s harder and harder to know what works and which steps in the customer journey are most important.

This is not a new problem, but it is one that large enterprises have largely solved by investing in big data strategy and analytics platforms. 


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Smaller Banks Can Take on Megabanks with AI and Predictive Modeling

Whether you’re a regional bank, a community bank, or a credit union, managing your data infrastructure is a tough job. Margins are tight and running legacy systems requires constant vigilance. Finding the time and resources to exploit advancements in big data technology isn’t easy. And there’s so much noise around big data it’s hard to tell where the marketing jargon ends and reality begins, so getting organizational buy-in can be a big challenge.

But community banks don’t have a choice. It’s a matter of survival. National banks are winning the next generation of customers and big data is a big advantage. 


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